Twitter: @MACH37cyber
Founder: Pete Jobse


MACH37 is a cybersecurity accelerator with the mission of creating companies that will deliver the next generation of cybersecurity solutions. A division of Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), MACH37 offers a 90-day program that helps information security entrepreneurs and startups validate and launch their product.  The accelerator also offers each cohort company an initial $50,000 of initial equity funding.


Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, MACH37 was founded on June 6, 2013 by Pete Jobse, Executive Chairman of MACH37 as well as CIT President and CEO. The first cohort company was accepted into the accelerator on September 16, 2013. In June of 2014, MACH37 announced the global expansion of its "Stars Network" mentoring program, which offers security startups mentoring from successful cybersecurity entrepreneurs, domain experts, and industry thought leaders and $50,000 to develop, validate, and launch their ideas. [3]


SikernesFall 2013
Pierce Global Threat IntelligenceFall 2013
Key CybersecurityFall 2013
ConatixFall 2013
MSB IncSpring 2014
IDentia IncSpring 2014
Fast Orientation, IncSpring 2014
Disrupt6 IncSpring 2014
CardKill IncSpring 2014
Axon Ghost SentinelSpring 2014
CyphFall 2014
BiJoTiFall 2014
SecureDBFall 2014
Syncurity NetworksFall 2014
Virgil Security, Inc.Fall 2014
iAspireFall 2014
vThreatFall 2014