Twitter: @SecureDB
Founder: Karthik Bhat


SecureDB is revolutionizing the encryption landscape by offering enterprise-grade encryption and secure storage of data as-a-service.  By using easy encryption APIs, developers and enterprises can gain the following benefits:

1.  Quality Benefit:  We are security experts, being supported by Mach37 (top cyber-security accelerator in US).

2. Financial Benefit:  Being a SaaS solution, we can offer encryption at a disruptive price.  Our plans start from $99 per month.  

3.  Time Benefit:  Your 1st record can be encrypted in less than 10 minutes flat.  No crypto-code needed.  

SecureDB wants to make encryption affordable and accessible to everyone, and make encryption a default for every web and mobile app.  Learn about SecureDB encryption features here.  To learn about the available benefits of encryption-as-a-service, please contact SecureDB at or visit https//


Headquartered in Herndon, VA, SecureDB was formed in August 2014 by Karthik Bhat.  The startup was accepted to Mach37's Fall 2014 cohort in September, along with iAspire, Virgil Security, FireDrillMe, Syncurity Networks, and BiJoTi. After being accepted into the 3 month long state-funded program, the startup received $50,000 in investment, access to mentors, and guidance on how to develop their business. [2]


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