Website: yopine.com
Twitter: @YoYopine
Facebook: Yopine
Founders: Gary W. Mendel, Kevin Ostrowskoi


Yopine is a social polling app designed to help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions faster. Individuals, companies, broadcasters, publishers and marketers can produce two kinds of polls - multiple choice polls or brainstorming sessions - on any topic or issue, and their contacts can respond in real-time.  For multiple choice polls, users ask a question or series of questions, create some possible answers, select contacts they want to poll, and send the poll.  If their contacts have YoPine, they can answer via the app, and if not, they can answer via text message and mobile website.  Results can be sent out to everyone that participated. [2] For brainstorming sessions, users can query their contacts for written opinions and recommendations to a question rather than asking them to vote on multiple choice style options.  Business managers can use Yopine to gather employee opinions. [3]


Originally headquartered in the 1776 accelerator space and bootstrapped entirely by its founders, Yopine is now headquartered in the WeWork Wonder Bread Factory in Washington D.C.  The company was founded by Gary W. Mendel and Kevin Ostrowskoi in July 2012.  Mendel started Yopine after spending 21 years in tech with Accenture, Platinum Technology, CA and founding two other tech startups. [3]  Yopine debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2013 as one of the Standout iOS apps at the event. [1]   In 2013, Mendel rolled out 2.0 features including photos uploads, commenting, a UX/UI redesign, an Android app, and the functionality for *com, *ethos, *edu, *gov, and *crowd. [13]


  • Yopine*com is for brands, broadcasters, and publishers to gather feedback from consumers and audiences 
  • Yopine*ethos is for non-profits, charitable organizations, and philanthropic institutions to get member feedback
  • Yopine*edu is for schools and universities; instructors can get instant feedback about seminars and interaction from students in large lecture halls 
  • Yopine*gov is for elected bodies and the constituency to gather and give information from citizens about schools, crime, elections, and other relevant issues
  • Yopine*crowd polls the crowd in large networking, sporting, or other events, and hosts, organizers, speakers and attendees can share feedback in real-time


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