Website: urbanstems.com
Twitter: @sendurbanstems
Facebook: UrbanStems
Founders: Ajay Kori and Jeff Sheely


UrbanStems is a same-day flower delivery service in Dupont Circle that sells pre-arranged bouquets and delivers them for free within 1 hour of the order. Customers choose their flowers, pay for them, add a personal note, and pick a delivery time within a 24 hour time frame. The company texts the customer a photo of the bouquet once it has been delivered. Instead of cellophane, each bouquet is wrapped in a sage green burlap sack, tied with ribbon. [3] UrbanStems buys their flowers directly from sustainable and Rainforest Alliance-certified farms in Ecuador and Colombia. [2] These farms employ a majority of women and pay them a living wage. [3] Bike couriers from Urban Delivery shuttle the bouquets from UrbanStem's warehouse to customers. [1] Flowers that are unsold are donated to local homeless shelters. [3]


Headquartered in Washington, D.C., UrbanStems was founded by Ajay Kori and Jeff Sheely in the middle of a snowstorm the day before Valentine's Day. Two years prior, Ajay had tried to use an online service to send flowers to a long-distance girlfriend for her birthday. The bouquet was expensive and it was never delivered. Many online flower delivery services send flower orders to local florists and use a separate service to deliver them. In this case, three parties are involved in the process, which increases costs and time to delivery significantly. [1] To solve this problem, Ajay and his friend Jeff decided to build an online, on-demand flower delivery service. [1] UrbanSetms is funded by early-stage venture capital, and is operationally profitable. [1] Since their launch earlier in 2014, UrbanStems has partnered with local establishments including DC Brau Brewing Company, Compass Coffee, Bull + Moose, and others. [5] The company was also a finalist in the Retail & Dining category of Washington, D.C.'s 50 on fire in 2014. [5] On December 15, 2014 UrbanStems expanded their service into New York City. The startup has its seed round coming up in January 2015.