Twitter: @startup_land
Facebook: startupland

Founders: Jonathon Perrelli, Justin Gutwien


Startupland is a documentary series about local startups created by Jonathon Perrelli and Justin Gutwien based on a series of conversations between Perrelli, the managing director of Fortify Ventures and the series’s executive producer, and Gutwein, the project’s director. [1]  The documentary is about the experiences of five early-stage tech companies taking part in an accelerator.  The main characters are Annet Makin of LegCyte, RidePost's Marty Bauer, Elise Whang from Snobswap, JD Chang of Trendpo, and Dave Aidekman of Trip Tribe. [1]  Startupland has five plot lines that play out over multiple episodes, each with an average run time of 15-20 minutes. [2]


On July 26, 2013, startupland was posted on Kickstarter with plans to finish its project under Justin Gutwein's account. They successfully reached their goal of $75,000 with a total of $85,295 pledged funds and 354 supporters. [3]  After its March 2014 premier in Washington D.C., the Startupland's creators announced it would launch globally in June, with screenings in over 50 cities. [4]

In the next series of documentaries, startupland will focus on Paul Singh of Disruption CorpBlackboard co-founder and SocialRadar CEO Michael Chasen, Dr. Tony Wagner, Michael Overell of RecruitLoop, and VHX's Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson.