Skirmos: Open Source

Twitter: @skirmos
Founders: Richard Rice, Allen Ivanov, Ibrahim Pasha, Gabriel Resstack, Dave Wakeman 


Skirmos is an interactive gaming company looking to change the way laser tag is played. By open sourcing it's code, Skirmos hopes to cultivate a community of gamers and programmers. Interactive features like the 2.2" color LCD screen, color LED lights, realistic trigger function and rumble motors give players the experience of outdoor laser tag, combined with the feel of a first person shooter game. Players receive constant updates throughout each round thanks to a built-in "news feed" with updates like who killed who; what territory was captured; which team is in the lead etc. Skirmos is looking to be on the market in early 2016, with pre-orders starting at the end of the summer. 


Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, Skirmos was founded in April of 2014, by Richard Rice, Allen Ivanov, Ibrahim Pasha, Dave Wakeman and Gabriel Resstack. After raising almost $100,000 on Kickstarter, Skirmos went into development for the next 8 months. Skirmos is now focused on developing manufacturing and distribution avenues through Europe and North America. 


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