Website: Hinge.co
Twitter: @HingeApp
Facebook: Hinge
Founder: Justin McLeod


Hinge is an online dating app that matches individuals with their second and third degree matches. Similar to services like Tinder, Hinge is based on a "swipe left or right" model, where users are given a series of pictures of potential dates and then approve based on attractiveness. Users can only be matched with someone who they are connected with through mutual Facebook friends. [1] 


Headquartered in Washington, D.C., and founded by Justin McLeod in 2013, Hinge was originally inspired by a "Last-Chance Dance" at Harvard, where attendees could privately confess their feelings about other members, and if the sentiment was mutual they would get matched up. Justin decided to build a business around the model, raised seed financing, and built the first version of Hinge, targeting the vast DMV network of young professionals and grad students wanting to settle down. After the company participated in Fortify Venture's accelerator program, Justin built a mobile version and sponsored a launch party with two thousand attendees. The event succeeded in gaining traction for the app, and since then Hinge has grown significantly. [3] The app currently is available in most major US cities, and launched in London on February 13th, 2015. [2]

Funding Rounds

Funding RoundDatePaper AmountInvestors
Series ADec 11th, 2014$12 MillionRaj Sandhu, Middleland Capital, CAA Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Lowercase Capital, Shasta Ventures
Convertible NoteJuly 1st, 2014$4.5 MillionRaj Sandhu, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Middleland Capital, Lumia Capital, CAA Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Founders Fund
SeedNovember 4th, 2013$4 MillionRaj Sandhu, Henry McNamara, Andrew Boszhardt, Jr., Graph Ventures, David Fischer, Jeff Fluhr, 500 Startups, Militello Capital, Middleland Capital, Fortify Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Red Swan Ventures, The Social+Capital Partnership, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Prashant Malik, Evan Burfield
SeedMarch 7th, 2012$100K Fortify Ventures