Facebook: GrindHub
Twitter: @GrindHubCo
Founder: Brandon T. Luong


GrindHub is a customizable intranet where small businesses, startups, and teams can host their cloud-based services and products. GrindHub offers teams a single dashboard to access all their online tools including email, marketing automation, accounting, project management, customer relationship management, inventory, and social media management of popular cloud services. GrindHub makes it easy to communicate, evaluate progress, and conduct general business without leaving  the dashboard. 


Founded by Brandon T. Luong in November of 2014, GrindHub is headquartered in Virginia. Brandon developed GrindHub after noting several business pain points within his digital consulting agency Guanxi Innovations. He conducted market research and confirmed that many similar small businesses, which use a minimum of 6 cloud based services, were in need of a central dashboard to organize their services and communicate internally. Currently over 30 companies have signed up as alpha testers for GrindHub's initial prototype, which is scheduled to be released in March of 2015.


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