Twitter: @Fiscalnote
Founder(s): Tim Hwang, Jonathan Chen, Gerald Yao

FiscalNote provides analytical tools to predict the outcome of pending government legislation in real-time. The service is built on a web-based platform, using algorithms to evaluate large sets of public government data. [1] The company offers products for Federal, state, and local legislation, and is in the process of rolling out a tool for regulatory decisions. [2] FiscalNote's customers including political groups, as well as corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions. [3}


FiscalNote started after the founders spent the summer of 2013 coding in a Motel 6 in Silicon Valley. The final product led to funding of $1.3 million from investors including Marc Cuban and First Round Capital. Originally based in Bethesda, MD, the company is currently based in Metro Center, DC, with an office in New York City as well. The company secured an additional $7 million in a series A financing in November 2014,[3]  as well as $10 million in February 2015 from Renren, a Chinese social networking site.[4] FiscalNote was named one of CNN's top ten startups of 2014. [5]

Funding rounds

Funding RoundPaper AmountDateInvestors
Series BFebruary 3rd, 2015$10 millionRenren Inc., Middleland Capital
Series ANovember 19th, 2014$7 millionVissionaire Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Winklevoss Capital, Enspire Capital, Green Visor Capital, Middleland Capital, Fresh VC, 645 Ventures
SeedSeptemeber 26th, 2013$1.2 millionNew Enterprise Associates, Mark Cuban, First Round, AME Cloud Ventures
GrantJuly, 2013$6.5kUniversity of Maryland
Convertible NoteJune, 2013$25kAlireza Masrour, Plug & Play Ventures


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