Ez Coupon Tracker

Website: ezcoupontracker.com
Twitter: @EzCouponTracker
Facebook: EzCoupon Tracker
Founders: Giri, Srivalli, Sireesha


Ez Coupon Tracker offers users a dedicated email address for storing coupons and deals from consumer brands. The tracker sorts through emails about discounts and savings by the deals' expiration dates rather than date received to ensure the user does not miss any sales. The product works on Gmail for the time being. 


Ez Coupon Tracker was conceived during a gathering at the Sireesha's home, where several women discussed how difficult it is to manage, track, and share coupons. The company is an example of the expression “Necessity is mother of invention/innovation,” and has built a team to meet the needs of users who want to manage, track, and share their coupons via email. 


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