District Taco

Website: districttaco.com
Twitter: @districttaco
Facebook: District Taco
Founders: Osiris Hoil and Marc Wallace


District Taco is a Mexican restaurant chain with locations in Virginia and Washington, D.C. that serves fresh, simple and healthy Yucatan style Mexican food, made fresh daily. District Taco began as a food truck in Arlington, Virginia, and has since opened brick-and-mortar locations in DuPont Circle, Eastern Market, Metro Center in Washington, D.C., and in Arlington and Alexandria in Virginia.


District Taco was created in 2009 by two neighbors, Osiris Hoil and Marc Wallace. While the pair met over Osiris' homemade chips, salsa, and guacamole one day, Marc persuaded Osiris that there was a strong market for his homemade Mexican food in Arlington. Osiris grew up on a farm four hours from Cancún, Mexico. As a child, he watched his mother use a mortar and pestle to make salsas, and grill poc-chuc, charred pork slices marinated with orange and onion marinade. Throughout his life Osiris embraced his mother's approach to cooking, and Marc encouraged him to start a restaurant truck. Marc invested the $50,000 needed to open the food truck, and the next summer, District Taco began selling breakfast tacos and traditional Mexican sandwiches in Northern Virginia from their truck, "El Torito." [5] The venture was a success, and so were their mobile apps for iphone and Android. Every morning for 4 years after it was founded, District Taco's food truck served breakfast tacos and Mexican fare at events in Washington, D.C. In 2010 Osiris decided to open four brick and mortar locations in D.C. and Virginia offering the same menu and free wi-fi. [1] On March 7, 2014, the business announced that they were retiring their trucks to focus on their restaurants. [2]


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