Delight Me

Twitter: @DelightMeInc
Facebook: Delight Me, Inc.
Founder: Marie-Louise Murville


Delight Me is a cloud-based goal management platform that knowledge workers and businesses use to achieve personal and professional goals in teams or individually. Offered to professional services firms on a subscription basis, Delight Me gives managers and knowledge workers real-time visibility into KPI data. The platform integrates content, products, and advice in everyday customer workflow. It offers real-time usage and effectiveness data and context for authors and users.


Headquartered in Washington D.C., Delight Me was founded by Marie-Louise Murville in October 2010. The company completed beta testing of Version 1.0 with initial paying clients in Q4 of 2014.  The company is in the process of identifying key reseller partners and anchor customers, and targeting small to medium size professional services firms including management consulting, legal, accounting and insurance firms, content providers, PR firms and real estate companies.  


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