Twitter: @Datelytics
Facebook: Datelytics
Founder(s): Brandon T. Luong


Datelytics is a dating discovery app that was founded on September 27, 2013 by Brandon T. Luong. Datelytics gathers events and deals users might enjoy based on their preferences in their social profiles.  Once users select certain Datelytics events, they notify the app, and the app pings other singles that intend to attend the same events.  When the user arrives at the event, they are connected via the app. When users log into their social network accounts, Datelytics' algorithm analyzes their activity, liked pages, check-ins, hashtags and other variables to recommend events and connect users with people interested in the same events. 


Datelytics was originally meant to be the launching point for Guanxi Innovations' line of products, but was scrapped in favor for the company's next project, GrindHub. Datelytics is currently in limbo.


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