Twitter: @WeAreAudienti
Facebook: audienti
Founder(s): William Flanagan


Audienti (originally known as Organic Marketing Analytics) is marketing software that continuously monitors conversations online to help companies and organizations of all sizes locate, track, and engage with digital audiences. [2]  With Audienti software, clients can conduct content-driven SEO, build social media campaigns, create prepaid ads, personalize their marketing messages, and create rich content to build their audience and increase customer engagement.


Founded by William Flanagan, Audienti is a SaaS company with offices in Washington D.C. and Slovenia.  The company's mission is to help clients' messages get heard in a noisy market.  Originally called TEMPUS Group, Audienti began as a digital services consulting agency, and Flanagan rebranded the company as Audienti to combine actionable strategies with a real-time crawler that continuously scans the internet to identify who your audience is, where they spend their time online, and what they read. [2]


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