Website: hire.bid
Twitter: @hirebid
Facebook: Hire.Bid
Founder: Neil Sandhu


Hire.Bid is a marketplace where business, technical, and legal professionals professionals in the Washington, D.C. auction blocks of their free time to clients in need of their services. Once a professional accepts a bid from an interested client, they work on that client's project during the agreed upon time slot. Hire.Bid is for professionals who want to earn some extra cash on the side on nights and weekends


Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and operating out o fthe 1776 coworking space, Hire.Bid was founded by DC lawyer Neil Sandhu on December 28, 2014. Neil founded Hire.Bid after recognizing the need to promote high quality legal services via personal referrals. When businesses choose the least expensive option for professional services, they often get what they pay for. The business suffers because they pay for sub optimal professionals, and highly qualified professionals lose out on potential business. [1] Neil tried to connect qualified professionals with clients needing their services in his two previous ventures, and finally solved the problem when he empowered qualified professionals to auction off their time. Initially outsourcing the project from his previous ventures, Neil learned coding to develop Hire.Bid by himself. The company is currently bootstrapped, and not seeking funding. 


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