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Meetup Group: Women Who Code DC


DC Tech Meetup is a monthly forum for technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and the broader innovation community to learn and share insights about new technologies and related products.  Each month, over 800 innovators gather to give demos, launch products and network with future co-founders, partners and funders. Presenters are allotted up to 5 minutes to give a live app demo (web or mobile) or presentation (deck/video).  The presentations are followed by an open-mic session where anyone in the crowd can announce a Twitter-length summary of what they're working on. [1]


DC Tech Meetup was founded on January 22, 2011.  Their first Meetup had a crowd of nearly 250 people, and the following month, organizers scaled their space for a crowd of 900. [2]  As of December, 2014, DC Tech Meetup includes 10,084 members, and has held 35 Meetups.  iStrategyLabs is their main sponsor.


    • DJ Saul 
    • Michael Mayernick
    • Shana Glenzer
    • Stephanie Nguyen
    • Zvi Band

    They're About

    Web Development, Mobile Development, Startups, Innovations, Entrepreneurship


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