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Founder: Brandon T. Luong


DMV Startup cultivates the startup scene in the Washington, D.C. metro area by connecting entrepreneurs to resources, advancing inclusiveness, and building a sense of community amongst the tech industry.  


DMV Startup was founded in 2014 by Brandon T. Luong and began as a hashtag, #DMVStartup.  Brandon created the concept to attract new talent to the startup and tech scene in DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia (often abbreviated NoVA), hence the name DMV. From there, DMV Startup hosted several events related to entrepreneurship, including happy hours and "Startup BBQ." [3] On November 25th, 2014, DMV Startup published "Welcome to the M*****F******* DMV Startup Handbook," a Google Doc educating people in the DC Metro area about the local startup/technology landscape. [1]  

Rapid Expansion

What began as a small project to boost the D.C. metro startup scene gained enough recognition to become a small organization. Currently, the DMV Startup team is curating a wiki website (which hopefully you've noticed...) to showcase local startups, organizations, meetups, influencers, government agencies, and any other relevant resources for the public. [2]  In December of 2014, DMV Startup acquired the event branch of Startup Dynamo, a group that holds lean startup workshops, to further educate and rally the D.C. metro startup community under the DMV Startup moniker.


  • Brandon T. Luong
  • Monica Kang
  • Lola Han

They're About

Lean startup methodology, startup, technology, business, bootstrapping, marketing

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