DC FemTech


Website: dcfemtech.github.io
Twitter: @DCFemTech
Organizers: Stephanie Nguyen, Shana Glenzer 


DC FemTech is an umbrella collective of leaders of women in tech organizations. Their mission is to unite to share resources, and bring women in tech leaders together to close the gender gap in the tech world, and to expand each of the member groups that comprise the collective. DC FemTech holds bimonthly meetings, open to any women in tech leaders. DC FemTech members are affiliated with organizations that have women attendance at 50% or higher with a focus on technology, and a prominent focus in the mission statement about gender or women. DCFemTech also shares resources for those wanting to learn specific skills (development, design, networking, etc.) 


  • Tour de Code is a month-long series of workshops, classes, conferences, and hacknights run by different member groups; Most events are free, and dozens of organizations (Women Who Code, Startup Weekend, Code for Progres, etc.) to collaborate to help members improve their technical skills
  • Code & Coffee is bi-weekly informal coding session held at local coffee shops where participants bring their own coding projects written in anything from Ruby on Rails to Javascript to CodeAcademy and HTML/CSS; There are no instructors, no agenda, and no lesson plan, and the goal is for women to collaborate with one another 


Headquartered in Washington D.C., DC FemTech was founded in early 2014 when Stephanie Nyugen and Shana Glenzer noticed there were many different DC tech women's groups with similar missions to break the barriers women face when entering the tech field. It became the mission of DC FemTech to bring these groups together, and amplify their voices to unite as a larger group. [2] In 2014, DCFemTech began a series of interviews with women leaders in tech to highlight their group’s mission, culture and events. The goal is to help women and minorities navigate the local tech scene to find a group that best fits their needs. DCFemTech was one of the honorees of the In the Capital's 2014 "50 On Fire" Technology award.


    • Stephanie Nguyen
    • Shana Glenzer
    • Leah Bannon
    • Shannon Turner
    • Kaylyn Gibilterra
    • Misty Melton
    • Aliya Rahman

    They're About

    Women in Tech, Professional Development


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