Blackboard, Inc

Twitter: @Blackboard
Founder(s): Michael Chasen, Matthew Pittinsky, Stephen Gilfus, Daniel Cane


Blackboard Inc. is an enterprise technology company with corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. that is primarily known as a developer of education software, in particular Blackboard Learn, its flagship learning management system. The company's CEO is Jay Bhatt, who has led Blackboard since October 2012. Blackboard provides education, mobile, communication, and commerce software and related services to clients including education providers, corporations and government organizations. The firm has seven platforms called Learn, Transact, Engage, Connect, Mobile, Collaborate and Analytics that are offered in bundled solutions. Blackboard was founded by Michael Chasen, Matthew Pittinsky, Stephen Gilfus and Daniel Cane in 1997, and became a public company in 2004. It operated publicly until Providence Equity Partners purchased the company in 2011. As of January 2014, its software and services are used by approximately 17,000 schools and organizations in 100 countries. Seventy-five percent of US colleges and universities and more than half of K–12 districts in the United States use its products and services.


Blackboard Llc. was founded in 1997 by Michael Chasen and Matthew Pittinsky and began as a consulting firm contracting to the non-profit IMS Global Learning Consortium. Chasen and Pittinsky started Blackboard upon leaving KPMG Consulting where they both had worked as part of the company’s Higher Education practice.[7] In 1998, the company merged with CourseInfo LLC, a small course management software provider that originated at Cornell University and was founded by Daniel Cane andStephen Gilfus. The combined company became known as Blackboard Inc. The first line of e-learning products was branded Blackboard CourseInfo,until the CourseInfo brand was dropped in 2000. The new company made a profit in its first year, and its sales in 1998 approached US$1 million.

Rise of Michael Chasen

After Michael Chasen sold off Blackboard, he began a new startup called SocialRadar.


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