Altavoz, Inc

Twitter: @AltavozEntmt
Founder(s): Nelson Jacobsen, Jessamyn Sarmiento


Altavoz is a digital and physical entertainment distribution platform, also known as a Distribution as a Service (DaaS), located in Rockville, Maryland. On October 16, 2014, Nelson Jacobsen, CEO of Altavoz, announced Altavoz became a subsidiary of Max Media Group, Inc (OTC-MXMI). 


Altavoz was originally started by a group of indie music lovers from Raleigh, NC in 1994 until Nelson Jacobsen bought the company, and moved it to Washington, D.C.. It became one of the first 50 thousands domains in the world, and offered downloadable wav files and 15 sec introduction streams of music. In late 1999, Altavoz partnered in a co-marketing agreement with Microsoft and Ibeam to launch an online broadcasting station, which ended with 78 thousand people streaming music daily, and 1.2 million hits per day.


Restarted in 2011 as a physical only distribution company for CD's and Vinyl records, Altavoz released Music That Changes the Worlds with David Lynch Foundation 4 Vol Boxset as part of the Record Store Day 2012 exclusively to retailers. This allowed Altavoz to become the first direct distributor to stores in a decade. In 2013, Altavoz partnered with a 17 year old digital distribution services to offer Bricks to Clicks distribution. Altavoz released "GoldenHeart" (Dawn Richard), which became #1 in iTunes, #2 Heatseeker & #22 in R&B Charts. Then "Getting There" (Quinn Sullivan) #4 in Blues chart. Due to its success in previous sales, Altavoz was offered inclusion into the largest non major distribution system with sales and warehousing, which is now handled by AMPED, in 2014. Max Media Group, Inc announced that Altavoz will be a subsidary of theirs in October 2014. Altavoz is currently focused on it's Distribution as a Service (DaaS) platform, large scale deals, like and, and company assests, such as and Buying This (TM).  


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