Guanxi Innovations

Facebook: Guanxi Innovations
Founder: Brandon T. Luong


Guanxi Innovations is a digital agency that offers services in marketing, branding, website design, web applications, content strategy, market research, and more. International in scope, the firm's team is made up of globally dispersed consultants that collectively speak more than 10 languages, operating on three continents.  They work with clients of all sizes in any industry.


Headquartered in Washington D.C., Guanxi Innovations is a privately held company founded in July 2014 by Brandon T. Luong.  Guanxi Innovations began as a freelance agency focused on developing digital marketing strategies for small businesses, but has recently expanded its service offerings, and extended its portfolio from Washington D.C. to clients around the world.  Currently the company is preparing to launch its first product called GrindHub, a SaaS platform that enables users to access any web-based service they utilize for their business in one dashboard. [1]


One of Guanxi Innovations' early products was Datelytics, a dating app that curates events and daily deals based on user's social profiles. It was in production for 10 months until it was scrapped. After several months, the company focused on developing a new intranet that allows users to add any cloud-based service to one platform called GrindHub


To cultivate and create a stronger, unified startup, technology and entrepreneur scene in D.C., Guanxi Innovations established the project, DMV Startup, as to accomplish its mission with events geared towards creating a startup and a wiki showcasing all the startups, organizations, meetups, agencies and all elements making the D.C. Metro ecosystem.


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