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Brivo Labs is a business unit of Brivo Systems LLC, a SaaS-based company that has linked remote devices to users for over 10 years. Brivo Labs is an Internet of Things company leading the emerging Social Access Management (SAM) market.  They develop products services that allow users to interact with physical buildings and devices using their social identities. Examples include their SAM API, and their visitor management system, Rändivoo. [1]  The SAM API uses several forms of secure credentials to access physical devices. Social authentication and provisioning of access can be implemented by connecting with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks. With the API, users can perform data analysis, manage devices, authorize schedules, access hosted IP video, and offer real-time device control with remote automation. [2] The idea behind Rändivoo is that when emailing a client to make an appointment, a business would attach a token to the email like a QR code. When the client arrives for the appointment, they scan their token on the Randivoo app, to confirm their arrival. During the appointment, the same token can be used to open other necessary doors, like the one attached to the bathroom. [3]


Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Brivo Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Duchossois Group, a privately held holding company that owns AMX, The Chamberlain Group, and Milestone AV Technologies.   In 2013 Brivo Labs launched their Rändivoo service, a professional Visitor Management System that streamlines the visitor process for organizations. [4] In 2014 Brivo Labs came out with OKDoor, a Google Glass app gives the wearer access to physical doors and an API that when combined with a mobile hotel booking app allows users to get straight into their hotel room without need for checking in or getting a key. [5]  In March of 2014, by employing social media, Bluetooth hotspots and their new, open-source software platform, Brivo Labs created a way for patrons to act digitally with the Corcoran Gallery of Art.  In the museum, patrons can use an app connected to their facebook profiles to access digital tickets to get suggestions about what area of the museum to visit based on preferences and likes, and they can find more information about the art that they look at. The idea went on display at Hack the Box: Re-programming the Museum Experience. [6]


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